Sunday, December 20, 2015

HIVE 2016 Schedule

Sunday January 3, 2016 -- Battle Road Hive  noon - 4pm

 12:00 – 12:45: Parker’s Revenge – What we have learned
"BALL!” Whenever this simple word was shouted, all work in a small wooded area on the eastern end of Minute Man National Historical Park would come to a halt. Within moments a small, dedicated group of archaeologists and metal detectorists would gather around the person who initiated the call. They would be the very first people to see what had not been seen since the afternoon of April 19, 1775 – a deadly relic of battle – a musket ball. This fall a project lasting more than two years to discover where Captain Parker and the Lexington militia met and engaged the British in battle finally came to a close. The results have been more exciting and enlightening than anyone could have imagined. Park staff and volunteers involved with this battlefield archaeology project will share with you their experiences from the field and discuss the analysis of the finds. Where was the battle fought? How did it develop?  Pay close attention, as this year’s Battle Road tactical demonstration will be based on it!
1:001:45: “…the farmers gave them ball for ball, from behind each fence and farmyard wall…” Interpreting Battle Road Combat
For interpreters, helping the public better understand what they are seeing during a reenactment or tactical demonstration can be a daunting challenge. There is a lot going on out there and important details that can easily go unnoticed. How did a commander organize his column for a march through hostile country? How were flankers deployed and in what strength? Did the militia really fight “Indian style” on April 19th 1775? Park Ranger Jim Hollister will share some interesting primary sources that may shed light on these questions.

Newbie Clinic -- Just starting out or want to update your kit? The newbie clinic will show you where to start and get you going on the right track (for both men and women)

Kit Tune Up -- Bring that unfinished project or item in your kit that needs work. Reattach your buttons, add another buttonhole to your shirt collar, tighten up your baggy breeches, fix those floppy gaiters --our Hive team will help you get your kit ready for the season.

Paul Revere by JS Copley
Sunday, February 21, 2016  ALL ABOUT SHIRTS! noon- 4pm

Presentation -- A Look at Original Shirts - It's all in the Details!

Breakout Sessions: Demonstrations/Discussions involving the details of making a shirt
--Selecting Materials
--Preparing and cutting your pieces
--Attaching cuffs, and sleeves 
--Fitting the shoulders and neck
--Thread and Dorset Buttons
--Stitch Basics & Flat Felling
--Attaching the collar

Everyone should make a shirt at some point.  You will learn almost every hand sewing technique and master your stitches in the process, not to mention create a thing of beauty (and the same techniques are used to make a shift).  This half day session will get you off to a good start and will hopefully inspire you to make a new shirt for the season.

Winter - John Collett 1779

Hive 3 - Sunday, March 13, 2016 KEEPING WARM - INNER & OUTER WEAR noon 4 pm

Men --
Cloaks, Surtout, and Great Coats
Muffs and Gloves
Quilted Waistcoats

Women --
Cloaks, Short Cloaks and Cardinals
Muffs, Mitts, Gloves
Quilted Petticoats
Flannel Shifts


As always, Hives are free, we serve coffee and tea, and snacks to share are most welcome.

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