Saturday, February 11, 2017

British Museum 1750

The Hive scheduled for this Sunday, February 12th has been canceled due to the impending snowstorm.  

We are working on rescheduling and will keep you posted.

Watch this space....

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Hive 2017

We are pleased to announce this season's Hives, as well as a symposium planned for June.

This Sunday, February 12 is the first Hive.  We have a new location at the Masonic Lodge in Lexington 2 Bedford Street (up near the Green).

With the growing interest in civilian events, we're going to focus our attention this year on pre-war New England, starting with the Boston Massacre.  It is exciting to see more and more historic sites looking to improve the accuracy of their events and we are pleased we can contribute.  The Bostonian Society has adopted the approach pioneered by Minute Man NHP by teaming up with reenactors to apply material culture standards based on primary sources to this event. 

As you know, it's not enough to just show up and an event with a great kit.  Unless you know the background of what you are reenacting, you are just a person dressed in funny clothes.  This Sunday we are lucky to have a slate of speakers who are going to share some new research with us and give us a context in which this pivotal event occurred.

Gary Gregory will be discussing how the media was setting the stage for conflict.  John Bell will look at some of the people involved and the conditions in the city that would lead to the event.  And Greg Theberge will be sharing some exciting new material on what went down that evening, based on the testimonies from the trial as well as other published documents.

Oh yeah - and we'll take a look at the clothing standards and how they differ from the Battle Road guidelines that have become the baseline for so many events.

The doors open at noon for a half hour of The Buzz.  Catch up with friends, grab a cup of coffee.  The lectures start at 12:30 and we'll probably go till 4 -- we have a lot of material to cover!  

The Hive is free, coffee and tea will be available,  As always snacks to share are always welcome!   So noon -- Masonic Lodge 2 Bedford Street Lexington, MA   Be there!

The March Hive is on Sunday the 19th, where we will be continuing the civilian theme as we explore the professions of the New England seacoast cities and how these can be translated into creating an impression.  More info to follow.

And mark you calendars for the weekend of June 3/4.  The Hive will be holding it's first symposium.  Announcement to come -- watch your email!

See you Sunday!

Lexington Masonic Lodge 2 Bedford Street