Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Hive 
Sunday - March 19, 2017
Reenacting Boston 1765-1775

Thanks for your patience waiting for the March Hive Line-up.  We've combined parts of the canceled February Hive with the March Hive and came up with a great line up for you!

Our focus will be interpreting Boston and the New England seacoast.  Greg Theberge is going to share with us the latest research on the Boston Massacre and how that was translated into Don Troioni's latest painting on the subject.

Matthew & Liz Mees are going to give us a glimpse into life in Boston 1765-1775 through three lens - The Town, The Inhabitants & The Economy.

Finally Elizabeth Sulock will tie it all together with a discussion on how to take this information and develop an impression that is appropriate for reenacting civilian events (New England seacoast 1765-1775).

We'll be at our new location at the Masonic Hall in Lexington, 2 Bedford Street.  Doors open at noon.  We'll start at 12:30.  As always, we'll have coffee and tea - snacks to share are welcome!

See you Sunday!