Thursday, February 24, 2011

The first buzz!

We are now in our sixth year of Hive Programs at Minuteman National Historical Park.  The purpose of the each of the Hives has been to help each other develop as re-enactors and participate in Revolutionary War related events at the Park, reaching the highest standards possible in the re-enacting community.

Over the years our topics have included many elements of 18th century life with a special emphasis on recreating 18thc clothing as worn in New England.  We have decided to document and share as much as possible the goings on (Buzz) from the Hives held in previous years as well as current programs. We hope the information found here will be helpful and informative.

Posts will come from a variety of authors, including Sue Felshin, Hallie Larkin and Stephanie Smith and others who have yet to know they are going to write an article for us!

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