Sunday, July 24, 2011

Standards..Who Needs Them!

There is a current buzz in the 18th Century re-enacting community about clothing "Standards", how to impose,  why have them at all, elitism as a result of standards, the debate goes on and on and on and on.........

It is the belief of this member of the Hive that "Standards"are a good thing!  Standards allows everyone to know up front the rules of the game, so we are all playing the same song, rowing in the same direction, driving down the same road, etc etc. But meeting those standards without the support of programs, presentations and workshops by peers, subject matter experts and experienced re-enactors is very difficult, mistakes can be costly and also dim enthusiasm for change as money and time is wasted.

It is also very important to allow time for change, imposing clothing standards over several years is the path to success.  Sudden imposition of rules from on high can accomplish two things: annoy and aggravate long time re-enactors or frighten newbies into thinking they can never be good enough!

For many of us our 18th century life encompasses more than the occasional event, it is our passion, hobby, social life and sometimes even an occupation.  Some can construe that as elitism, but in my experience, those who know the most about things 18th Century are the quickest to share their knowledge, help with a project or provide sound advice.  The snarks are generally those with little knowledge and research who for some reason believe their limited experience allows them to intimidate others and make them feel inferior.  

The Hive will be soon beginning it's seventh season of programs and workshops and it is always our goal to provide a welcoming environment for learning and sharing information.

Comments are welcome, but must be moderated due to the odd people of this world who feel a keyboard entitles them to make anonymous rude remarks.

Best Regards, Worker Bee Hallie

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