Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hive Event: Preserving the Harvest-- Saturday, October 22, 2011

Preserving the Harvest – Preparing for Winter

Take an active part in a living history day at Hartwell Tavern on Saturday, October 22, 2011 where we will secure the abundance of the harvest to sustain us through the winter and well into spring. Throughout the growing season, a substantial portion of each crop from field or garden has been set aside for home use. Fruits and vegetables have been dried, pickled, cellared, brined, salted or preserved in vinegar, spirits or oil. Milk has been turned into butter or cheese. As we move into mid-autumn, households are a frenzy of activity; harvesting crops, preparing them for cellaring, repairing barrels, gathering herbs, cleaning the house, airing linens, compounding herbal cures, gathering honey and nuts, preparing fresh eggs for storage, renewing the husks in mattress ticks, readying the wood supply and making the necessary repairs to house, barn or outbuildings. 
Making sausages
We will be demonstrating these activities using 18th century methods for the public or other re-enactors who want to learn and use these skills.

Interested in participating? Contact SabraWelch at dsrwel@metrocast.net with the activity you would like to demonstrate – either household chore or food preparation.  Participants are encouraged to prepare a bibliography for the documentation of their activity.  Want to participate but not sure how?  Contact Sabra, we'll find something for you to do.
Nooning will be available for volunteers in kit at $5.00 person plus a contribution of an 18th century sweet, bread or condiment to add to the fare per family and/or group.
Preparing apples for cider
Vegetables to be cellared
Fruit for drying

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