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The Tavern Hive: Punch Recipes

We hope everyone enjoyed Tavern Keeper Sabra Welch's lecture on the business of running a tavern.  As promised, here is her bibliography as well as a couple of punch recipes for you to try.

It's Friday -- get out your muddler and punch bowl and enjoy happy hour 18th century style.  And if you are going to gamble, remember to do so in private!

Punch Recipes
These receipts are taken from The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary, by John Nott printed in England in 1723.

To make Punch Royal
Take three pints of the best brandy as much spring-water, a pint or better of the best lime juice, a pound of double refined sugar. This punch is better than weaker punch, for it does not so easily affect the Head, by reason of the large Quantity of Lime-juice, more than common and it is more grateful and comfortable for the stomach.

Note: This punch may be too tart for modern tastes but remember that punch making is an art.  Some experimentation may be in order to adjust the level of sweet or sour…. or even the ratio of spirits to water.   It is also, according to Mr. Nott, quite strong… so either have a designated driver if you serve this at a party… or plan for overnight guests.

Punch for Chambermaids
Take a quart of water, a quarter of a pint of Lime juice, squeeze in also the juice of a Sevil Orange and a lemon, put in 6 ounces of sugar. Strain all through a strainer 3 times til very clear, then put in a pint of brandy and ½ pint of white wine.

Note: Seville oranges or sour oranges are available from December to February.  If you are making this punch at other times of the year, use orange juice and increase the amount of lemon juice you add to keep the correct amount of sourness to the punch.  Start by adding an extra table spoon or two of lemon juice, taste and adjust if needed


Keeping Tavern in New England
in the
Eighteenth Century

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Images from Lewis Walpole Library

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