Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Fembots, duct tape, paper tape...none of them really gives you a great 18th century shaped dress form that you can use over and over again.  One that will keep its shape and not require you to keep your stays on the form.

Enter the plaster cast method! There used to be an on-line site that had the directions on how to do it, though it's not longer available.  But we at the Hive learned how to do it, have tested it out and are making it available to you.  But first, here was how we got plastered...

Now most of you are probably too young to remember that wacky book that came out in the seventies that suggested a good wife should greet her husband at the door wearing saran wrap.  Well, if you ever want to try something that nutty -- you can practice with step one, where we wrap you in cellophane.  Step two we make a body cast of you.  Here's me during step 2.

Now unlike the duct tape dummy, this did not feel constricting and unlike the paper tape, the plaster was cool.  I must say it was a welcome feeling since it was over ninety the day we did this.  After letting the plaster set up a bit Miss Hallie cut me out of my cocoon, which we sewed up and prepared for step 3.

Next step 3: The Blob!

If you can't make our workshop this weekend, we're taking appointments to help you create your own body double --  We supply the materials and do most of the work -- you end up with a great dress form.  The cost is $175. By the way, for those of you who do different time periods -- this method works great for you too!

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