Monday, February 3, 2014

February's Hive - Sunday Feb 9th - More on the Line-up

Museum of London

Accurate Stockings -- The holy grail!  Until someone finds a working stocking frame, figures out how to use it, and starts cranking out period style stockings, the perfect stocking will probably a remain a fantasy.

So given that perfect reproduction stocking will continue to elude us, what are our alternatives? Join us at The Hive this Sunday, February 9th for a panel discussion that will include stocking expert Carol Kocian (who actually has operated a stocking frame), "Fitting and Proper" author Sharon Burnston and knitting maven Colleen Humphreys.   They will show us examples of 18th century stockings and talk about how they were made as well as what makes for a decent repro stocking-- the good the bad and the ugly.  Following their presentation,  you can join them for a breakout session to continue the discussion.

Additional Breakout Session -- Attaching Your Shoe Buckle

For those of you who have been stumped as to how to get those buckles properly installed on your shoes, leather worker Steven Taskovics will teach you how.  Bring your shoes and buckles and get them on your shoes once and for all!

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