Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hive Preview: Season 2013-2014

Here in the Hive, we’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on this winter’s schedule of offerings and wanted to give you a sneak peek.  We’ll be kicking things off this season with a Hive dedicated to Battle Road.  The lectures and clinics will be focused on topics that will make us all better interpreters and hopefully teach us a few things we didn’t already know about what happened on April 19th. We’ll also take a closer look at what goes on during the “tactical demonstration” so any of us can explain to our visitors what is going on out in the field.

February’s Hive will be all about accessories -- What items do you need to complete your outfit and how are they worn?  Does your collar get folded over your neck stock or not?  How do you get your handkerchief from bunching up?  What kind of jewelry is appropriate for your impression?  How the heck do I tie my neck cloth?  How can I make my wig look less shiny? We’ll cover a range of topics as well as include some practical hands-on sessions like fixing your gaiters so they fit properly and tricks to getting your wig to look more realistic.

In March, we’ll revisit some of the other things that make up a good impression and will continue our discussion on furniture, dishware, glassware and pottery.  We’ve noticed since last March’s presentations many of you have done a really good job in selecting great chairs and teapots!!!

So far the line up for workshops will include: Men’s drawers, clothing for young lads and girls, making a sacque back gown, and constructing a calash.  We’ll also be offering our annual clothing series for women starting in early December with stays following it up with an English gown workshop in January.  There’s also a bed gown workshop schedule for November.

Stay tuned for the full schedule -- coming soon!

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  1. Are the dates for 2014 posted yet? Someone asked about a gown workshops but I can't find where to direct them to for more info.