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First Hive Sunday January 5, 2014

Hive 2014!

The 2014 Hives will be located at Minute Man Tech on Route 2A in Lexington, MA on 758 Marrett Road

You'll have plenty of time to shovel out your driveway and join us this Sunday for our first Hive of the season! 

Hive 1 – Battle Road Hive Sunday January 5 – 12pm – 4pm– Sponsored by the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment

Even though Minute Man National Historical Park will not be sponsoring a large scale Battle Road this year due to sequestration and other budget cuts, we felt it important to continue with our original plan to start off the season with a Battle Road themed Hive.  The Park Service will need volunteers more than ever this summer, and by learning more about what happened on April 19th, it will make us all better interpreters. 

11-12 The Buzz – Come early, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with friends. Come shop at the Sign of the Golden Scissors

 12-12:30 – April 19th – On The Road – Ranger Jim Hollister will present and overview of the events of April 19th – more specifically, some of the key events that happened along the Battle Road.

 12:30- 1 The Power of the Press – Gary Gregory, the owner of The Colonial Print Shop of Edes & Gill will share some of the ways the press shaped public opinion before and after April 19th.

1 – 1:45 pm A Field Guide to British Uniforms – Greg Hurley will look at the the British troops that occupied Boston before during and up to the evacuation --  but from a clothing perspective.  What does their uniform tell of their specific function, their history and who they were?

1:45 - 2:15  Documenting your clothing - New England 1775
We’ll look at a couple different interpretations and review how to justify selections of fabric, style and accessories.  When someone asks you, "Why are you wearing "that"? .. you'll be able to document your choices.

2:30 -3:30 Breakout Sessions (concurrently run)

Newbie Clinic – See what you need to create an accurate kit for women.  Great for the new reenactress or someone who wants to make improvements to their current impression.

Making a dorset (thread) button – An easy way to make your present shirt more accurate by replacing a plastic or horn button with thread buttons.

Using props as an interpretive tools – Ever get tongue-tied when approached by a tourist?  Use a prop that you are familiar with as an ice breaker.  It’s amazing how a something you are carrying can create a teachable moment for a Park visitor.

Making simple repairs – Ok -- no more excuses for a missing button, blown out seam or hole in your breeches.  Learn to make some simple repairs that require no more than a needle and thread and a little bit of instruction.  

As always, the Hive is free of charge and all are welcome!  Any questions, please contact us at hiveworkshops@gmail.com

Hive II -- "All About Accessories" -- February 9th

Hive III -- "The Other Things - what we use and what we carry" -- March 2nd

Coming Soon -- First Workshop -- English Gown (February 8 & March 8)

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