Thursday, February 9, 2012

February's Hive Clinics -- Deportment

This Sunday at the Hive, after a hearing a series of literary selections, you may try your hand at trimming at hat, binding a pocket notebook or making a neck stock.  Or you may choose an activity that doesn't require a needle and thread -- a lesson in deportment!

At living history events and reenactments, we rarely conduct ourselves as our 18th century predecessors did. Our modern society is far more casual and has little regard for class or gender differences when interacting with others.  In this clinic, you will learn how to stand, sit and carry yourself in an appropriate fashion. You'll be taught who to greet and how, and you will practice your courtesies.

Matthew and Elizabeth Mees will be guiding you through the rules of 18th century deportment. Pay heed or you may prove yourself socially inept when attending the next assembly.

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Sunday's Hive will start with "The Buzz" - a social hour from 12-1 at Major John Buttrick House - a good chance to catch up with old friends as well as meet folks that new to the hobby.  We provide the coffee and tea, snacks to share are most welcome. At 1pm, we'll start our round robin of literary offerings.  Come join us this Sunday, it should be fun!

The Major John Buttrick House is on Liberty St in Concord across from the North Bridge Visitor Center at Minute Man National Historical Park.

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