Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's in the Details! - Documenting the Uniforms of the 29th Foot

The 29th Regiment of Foot, infamous for their part in the Boston Massacre, has been recreated for this annual event!  Tonight (2/29) at 6:30 at the Old State House they will be doing a presentation that outlines the documentation for the uniforms they have reproduced for this year's Boston Massacre reenactment.  So don't let the threat of a little snow stop you.  Jump on the T and join us at the Old State House for what should be a very informative and fun presentation.

There are those who wonder, why go through the trouble of doing painstaking research to document every little detail of a British uniform, then reproduce several of them with very expensive but amazingly accurate materials, for an event that only happens once a year.  Wouldn't any redcoat uniform work?  The public doesn't know the difference. Because in the long run, this is about teaching the public about an important event in our history, that has lessons that are still relevant today.  And we owe the public accuracy and to portray the story in a way that reflects the latest research.  These uniforms are a vital interpretive tool. Sure, the public doesn't know what a 29th Foot uniform looks like; but they will in a couple weeks!  Is it a lot of work? Expensive? A little nuts?  Yes, all of the above, but in end, we are teachers, whether we like it or not.  And our students deserve the best we can offer them.

Oh and by the way -- the research part is a whole lot of fun!

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