Friday, February 3, 2012

February's Hive Clinics -- Making a Linen Neck Stock

One of the clinics being offered at the February 12th Hive will be "Making a Linen Neck Stock".   Seen around the necks of gentlemen in 18th century portraits, they were pleated or gathered pieces of linen secured at the back of the neck with a buckle.  The one we will be making is similar to the stock pictured below, which was based on the neck stock in Costume Close-up by Linda Baumgarten.

 If your impression is that of a gentleman, this accessory should be part of your wardrobe. Think of this as an 18th century necktie.  Look at almost any period portrait, and you will notice that a well-dressed gentleman always covered his neck. Look at a couple examples....

Copley - Ezekiel Goldthwait 1771    
Copley - Thomas Flucker 1771

A neck stock from the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

You don't need really exceptional sewing skills to make a stock, just some patience and some time.  We'll be supplying a kit with all the materials (except the buckle) for a reimbursement fee of $8, that will include the fine linen, thread and interfacing.  So get a "roundtoit" and join us to make a neck stock and add an important accessory to your gentleman's kit.  For more information visit our website and to sign up email

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