Sunday, February 5, 2012

“Here we behold a hat, there a bonnet...”

Women, are you tired of wearing a straw hat everywhere you go? Let's look at an alternative: the bonnet. While not as commonly worn as straw hats, we find bonnets just as widely worn, by women of every class and in plain and fancy styles. A bonnet is warmer than a hat, especially in rain or snow, and there's nothing like it for keeping your cloak hood in place. Depending on the shape, it may be better than a hat at keeping the sun out of your eyes. On the other hand, a bonnet can be unpleasant on a hot day, it restricts your view more than a hat does, and depending on the style, it restricts your hearing as well—maybe that's why we find that although bonnets were quite common in the 18th century, they didn't have the ubiquity of straw hats.
A new article on bonnets, “Here we behold a hat, there a bonnet...”, was recently posted to the Hive website. You can read the full text there.

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