Monday, February 6, 2012

February's Hive: "Good Day" -- Sounding out the 18th Century

We'll be kicking off this Sunday's Hive with an ear towards 18th century talk.  What did they sound like?  It's hard to know, especially since they didn't leave us tape recordings - but they did leave us the written word, which provides us with the specific words and expressions they used and how they used them.

Join us at 1pm at the Major John Buttrick House this Sunday, February 12th for a look at three literary genres that should help us to better understand what 18th century speak sounded like.  The Hive Players will perform scenes from Royall Taylor's 1787 comedy "The Contrast", which lampoons Americans adopting British fashions.  The Mees family will share some passages from their favorite period novels.  And Tom Macy, Pat Bridgman and Alexis Zallas will read from a collection of period diaries, giving us a glimpse into several New England lives.

Each session will be performed three times, so everyone will get a chance to attend each one.  Don't miss what should be an very entertaining and educational Hive!

Join us from 12-1 to meet up with friends before the Hive starts and catch up on the latest Buzz.

As always, coffee and tea are served and treats to share are most welcome.

The Major John Buttrick House is on Liberty Street across from the North Bridge Visitor Center.

For more information visit our website at

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