Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Straw Hat Workshop

For  those ladies wanting a new hat or or wanting to refurbish your old hat, on Sunday, February 12, 2012 the Hive will be having a workshop in getting that hat ready for you to wear to Battle Road.  Straw/chip hats were available for sale in Boston and surrounds, with the earliest reference to a straw hat in 1738.  By 1750 a wide variety of hats were being imported and made available for sale, including straw, chip and horsehair hats.  We will be working on plain hats made of straw, both straw hats, silk ribbons and silk thread will be available for purchase or bring your own hat and ribbons.  Everyone should bring a simple sewing kit with pins, scissors, sewing needles and silk thread to match your ribbons if you are bringing your own.  Simple techniques for attaching ribbon ties, decorating your hats and wearing your hats will be the focus of the program.  Keep it simple is a good motto when it comes to straw hat decorations, save the fancy trimmings for that silk covered hat.

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